Cloud based digital signage management solution

AI-enabled digital display system delivers personalized experiences and relevant multimedia content

KloudDisplay, Kloudspot's digital display system delivers personalized experiences and relevant multimedia content with signature reliability and powerful hardware for all mainstream digital signage applications.

Reliable and Affordable

Kloudspot's singature reliability and powerful performance for mainstream digital signage applications


Manage content on your display using

Screen Zoning

Divide the screen into multiple zones to show different playlists in each zone.

Template Designer

Create full-screen or multi-zone layouts using preset or custom templates. 

Template Manager

Create a playlist of templates that can be scheduled by time, date, frequency etc.

Campaign Scheduler

Optimize user experience by tailoring templates into template groups & campaigns

CMS Engine

Store, publish, update all the digital content needed for your display screens.

Policy Engine

Manage and trigger content displayed on the screen using additional rules.

Create Programmatic Displays for high performance engagement

Integrate external systems to influence content display using beacons, camera vision, weather, traffic data etc.,

Technology Partnership

Intel Partner Alliance

Harness advances in AI to enable businesses to transform how they handle, process, and deliver data to users anywhere, anytime.Read more

Customer Win

Aspen Medical shines in patient care

Aspen wanted to establish itself as a leading healthcare provider in the region, through the introduction of digital platforms and technologies and embarked upon a digital transformation program.

Customer Success

Toyota booth at Chicago Motor Show

Using KloudVision, you can combine AI and IoT, capture data, analyze it in real-time, and act on the intelligence immediately.The value of the data produced by video systems such as CCTV, footfall cameras, thermal sensors, etc., has skyrocketed as new AI-driven use cases and analytics technologies have emerged.

Kloudvision’s deep learning systems can extract insights from video data in near real-time to improve customer understanding and operational efficiencies and even discover new revenue opportunities. Kloudspot Platform offers the performance, and flexibility you need by extending vision computing capabilities on the Edge, On the Cloud, and On-premise.

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